Funded Projects

The development of the R6-H2 engine has benefited from four international research and development projects to investigate and determine the advantages of this new engine design:

1) Libralato Engine Prototype project (266059) supported by the FP7 Green Cars Initiative, 2011-2014. (£146,610)

2) The Proving Factory project supported by UK AMSCI, 2013-2015. (£167,996)

3) Libralato Rotary Engine project (672077) supported by H2020 SME Instrument phase 1, 2015. (£35,330)

4) 48V Town & Country Hybrid Powertrain project (101575) supported by Innovate UK, 2014-2016. (£291,000)

It is widely recognised that major innovations do not proceed linearly. The current fifth generation design builds on the previous funded projects and embodies this learning in the patent granted EP3765711 (2022). For the first time, this patent defines the R6 thermodynamic cycle.