Hybrid vehicle revolution required

The average new car in Europe emits 123.4g CO2 /km (2014), whilst the average car on Europe's roads (5 years old) emits 157g CO2 /km. In order to meet the 2020 target of 95g CO2/km car makers must reduce CO2 emissions by an average of 27%, or face fines of c.€3,400 per vehicle.

Cost of CO2 Reduction

Fig 1. Cost of CO2 Reduction

Governments around the world have set ambitious targets to reduce car CO2 emissions. Apart from making the cars much smaller, these targets can not be reached without the introduction of hybrid electric vehicle technology. There are many types of hybrid / electric vehicle technology and we refer to them in a generic way using the term "xEV".

Government Regulations to reduce CO2 from cars

Fig 2. Government Regulations to reduce CO2 from cars

A study by Ricardo AEA, commissioned by Greenpeace & Transport and Environment 2012, shows that market penetration of c.20% by 2025 of plug-in hybrid / electric vehicles (xEVs), would reduce average new car emissions to 60g CO2 / km, for an average additional cost of €2,370, compared to 2010. This is exactly what is called for by the Roland Berger strategy report, to keep vehicle emissions on course to maintain atmospheric CO2 below 450 parts per million (ppm) and keep global warming below 2oC.

Market Penetration of xEVs

Fig 3. Market Penetration of xEVs

The UK Government supported Automotive Council has produced a Technology Roadmap for research and development to radically reduce CO2 from cars and light vehicles. There are many aspects to this, but the development of engines specifically for hybrid vehicles is an important element of this.

Development of engines for hybrid vehicles

Fig 4. Development of engines for hybrid vehicles

The graph below illustrates the CO2 reduction potential of different hybrid vehicle types1. It can be seen that our Town & Country Hybrid approach can reduce average car emissions to around 50g CO2 / km.

xEVs to reduce average car CO2

Fig 5. xEVs to reduce average car CO2

The Libralato Town & Country Hybrid approach can deliver 50g/km CO2 (131 mpg UK) for the average vehicle by 2020 - in a way that is cost competitive without subsidy.

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1 The series hybrid emissions are lower when the vehicle is operating in electric mode.