About Libralato

Established in 2008, Libralato is an innovation specialist in low carbon vehicle technologies. We have expertise, knowledge and new concepts for the development of hybrid systems, validated through European Green Cars Initiative and Innovate UK projects.

The Libralato engine design is protected by the following patents: EP1540139B1 - European patent granted 11/12/2013; PCT/EP2013/075273 - International patent pending.


Inventor D. Ruggero Libralato receiving the LOW CVP award from UK Automotive Council Chair Richard Parry Jones

The Libralato engine has received several awards to date, including the UK Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership's Technology Challenge - winner.
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Libralato Ltd. is grateful for support from a number of partners through an European Commission FP7 Green Cars Initiative project and through the UK Government sponsored AMSCI Proving Factory project.
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